How to Identify the Perfect Eyebrow Shape According to Your Face Type

The best shape for your eyebrows will depend on your self-confidence, but knowing your face type will also play an important part; this is because eyebrows will frame your eyes. The face and eyebrow shapes must complement each other to produce a natural, balanced look. 

Eyebrows for each face type

Here, we present the best eyebrow shapes for the different face types. The first rule to get the best look is to know your body’s shapes and forms fully. Check out this guide and learn which shape is the best for you!

Heart-Shaped Face

This type of face presents the following characteristics: 

  • The cheeks are wider than the hairline, so they are the most important feature. 
  • The chin is narrow and pointed; in some cases, it can give a strong look. 

The eyebrows should follow the form of the heart, so a round or low-arch is the perfect match for this face, especially if they are a little thick. 

Square-Shaped Face

Its major features are:

  • The hairline and jawline are parallel and even. 
  • The entire face is equally long and wide. 

Because this face type has strong and sharp angles, the eyebrows must soften that look. Round, thick eyebrows are the perfect fit for this face, so it won’t appear severe. 

Rectangular-Shaped Face

Sometimes this shape tends to be confused with the square-shaped, but there is a subtle difference: 

  • This face is longer.
  • The hair and jawline have the same width.

A flat and thin eyebrow is perfect, that way you can create the illusion of a shorter face shape. If you can add a slight curve at the end, it will give roundness to the face. 

Round-Shaped Face

This is the most common face type, presenting the following features:

  • The face is equally long and wide.
  • There aren’t any sharp angles, just a round chin and jaw. 

Because this face is naturally soft, you need eyebrows with angles. For that reason, the shape must have an arch that will lift the brow, and produce a more defined look. 

Oval-Shaped Face

  • It has the shape of an egg.
  • The length is 1.5 longer than wider. 

With this shape, the eyebrows should have an angle, but a little softer than the ones for the round face.

Oblong-Shaped Face

It can be two times longer than wider. For that reason, eyebrows with strong lines are necessary. Try a shape that is straight with a little tail at the end. With this method, you are creating an illusion of a shorter face. You can even leave the straight line without the tail, it would depend on how long the face is. 

Diamond-Shaped Face

It has these characteristics:

  • The hair and jawline are narrower than the cheeks.
  • The chin is slightly pointed. 

With this shape, the best eyebrows are rounded ones with a curve to soften the strong cheeks, and make them appear less wide.

Taking care of your eyebrows and getting the right shape is the perfect way to enhance your natural looks. Here, at Mystic Beauty Bar, we offer different treatments for the whole body, do not hesitate to consult our programs.

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