Criolipolisis: a Treatment That Can Change Your Life!

Currently, there are many techniques to enhance natural beauty, which also provide benefits without going through the scalpel. All these, thanks to the many advances in cosmetic technology, which has developed machines and products, one of these new treatments is criolipolisis. Here at Mystic Beauty Bar, we will talk more about this treatment that we offer to our customers.

What is criolipolisis?

It is a noninvasive dermatological treatment often used to remove localized fats deposits and treat cellulite effectively. Created by scientists at Harvard University in Boston, it quickly became a preferred treatment for many in recent years, thanks to its painlessness, it does not need needles, cuts, anesthesia or sutures.

Patients can resume their daily activities on the same day, but of course, you have to listen to the recommendations of the specialists, especially if the treatment was applied to the leg area, so it is recommended to be accompanied to the session.


The main function of criolipolisis is to mold the figure by removing fat deposits located in specific areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, the chin, legs, arms, among others. If applied regularly, there will also be an improvement in cellulite marks, whose effects as well as fat reduction are permanent.

Procedure for the criolipolisis

This treatment is very simple, it uses an extreme cold that easily reaches -8º thanks to a special machine, designed for this procedure. This device has different plates designed for each area to be treated; they can be rectangular, square and even in the form of ovoid, it is the specialist who will choose the best for the patient.

In the area to be treated, a skin suction test is applied to check that it is the appropriate plate. This test and the procedure is generally performed by placing a towel that will protect the skin from the plate, in addition to applying a gel that conducts the cold. The session normally lasts one hour, and as already said it is painless and does not produce contaminations or infections.

After applying the session the patient can go home without any problems, nothing more than a feeling of numbness or small cramps. With the application of extreme cold, the fat cells freeze and die, which leads the body to eliminate them naturally, thus seeing a reduction of the treated areas.

Being a noninvasive procedure, its popularity has been increasing, besides proving its effectiveness since the freezing of the cells does not allow their reappearance. Patients are also recommended to complement this treatment with a balanced diet and exercises to tone up those areas treated with criolipolisis.


Despite being a very safe and painless option, there are certain people who should not be given the treatment, including:

  • Minors.
  • Patients with a marked degree of obesity.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People with recent surgeries.
  • Patients with hypertensive, diabetic, or cardiovascular problems.
  • Depending on the sensitivity of the patient’s skin, bruises may appear, but it does not usually occur in all cases. The numbness of the area is normal due to the cold, and some cramps too, but they disappear quickly.

In general terms criolipolisis is a perfect cosmetic treatment to help reduce those fat deposits that affect the correct figure; of course, it is not worth doing the treatment for many months if patients don’t have a healthier lifestyle. Here at Mystic Beauty Bar, we present an improvement in your natural beauty, by offering different treatments for the whole body, do not hesitate to consult our programs.